Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Scent Arsenal Part 2

Last week I posted about my favorite daytime perfume, Burberry Brit. But today I’m going to finish up and tell you the one that completes my scent set. The other perfume I wear is Giorgio Armani’s Sensi. I think it is the ULTIMATE in evening fragrances.

Product: 5 out of 5

Packaging: 5 out of 5

Quality: 5 out of 5

Price: $ 75 for 3.4 oz. / $55 for 1.7 oz. at Ulta

The Claim: “A sensitive, serene blend of clean elegant notes, Sensi opens with a burst of Kaffir Lime softened with Acacia Farnese. Sensuous barley, Cape jasmine, palissander wood, benzoin and vanilla accents create subtle nuances of sensuality. Mood: Sophisticated, floral and soft.” –

The Good: It must be the mix of lime and vanilla that does it for me in fragrances because I LOVE this scent. I think it’s sensual and feminine without being dainty and girly. Its deep and husky and sexy. Both men and women wonder what it is I’m wearing and I don’t blame them lol. I think it smells THAT good. The simple and clean clear bottle shows off the amber liquid and the Sensi Logo is printed inside the glass.

The Bad: None

Overall: A definite keeper. Perfect for nights out and the fall and winter seasons. Again, I will say, this may not work for you as everyone’s body chemistries are different, but atleast take the time to find out! =} I think its pretty long lasting; we always think our scent fades, but we really just get used to the smell being on us so we don’t notice it anymore. But for an even longer lasting application, you can also purchase the body lotion and apply it before you spray your perfume.


  1. lime and vanilla...mmmmm....sounds heavenly! i need to pick up my scent game lol...i got lazy once the boyfriend started living with me lol

  2. Vanilla is one of my favorite scents, so I will definitely check this out next time I'm at the mall!


  3. ooh i always wanted to check this out, next time i pass this by, I'll test it.

  4. i should check them out!
    Armani makes great perfumes!!

  5. I had some samples of this..liked the vanilaa but overall felt that this was too soft for me. I'm more of a musky, woodsy kind of times

    Great review!

  6. Sensi is my friend's favorite perfume. It smells divine on her. On me, it smells almost exactly as Burberry Brit.

  7. Lime and vanilla sounds like nice, yet unique scent!

  8. That perfume sounds too delicious! I think I'm the only person that doesn't like "Sensual" Smell, LOL!

  9. Just in time, I'm running outta perfume and got bored of all the same brands I'm rotating around. I'll give this a go since you're so in love with it! yay...

    PS: I'll let you know whether did any new hotties stop me in my tracks and ask me out on a date :)

  10. I definitely need to head over to Macy's to try it!

    Great blog... :)

  11. Thanks for the in depth review! I love vanilla.