Friday, July 24, 2009

Ms. Kendall - Ace Boon Coon Extraordinare

Kendall came down to ATL for her family reunion and we got to hang out! She's such a fun girl! First we went to Hooters where she ordered this..weird tator tot thingie lol then we destroyed and mashed it up. Such little kids.

I'm hijacking some of her pictures since I left my little Kodak at a photoshoot! The next day we went to lunch at Carrabas. I was trying to take her to places she'd never eaten at before and Atlanta sure does have a lot of places to choose from. After that she came over and I did her makeup!

Pam says I look like milk next to Kendall! This is me with a tan!! lol

This is my friend Ke'anna who hung out with us too. She's a new blogger so check her out and show her some love!

After, we went to Perimeter mall to go to the only free standing MAC store in the whole state! Ugh it sucks, anywhoo. Kendall got a bunch of goodies and got me a Porcelain Pink MSF. Thanks sweetie!

And then we got stranded at Bloomingdale's!! My car was smoking and trippin up a storm, so we rode to a Wal-mart and picked up some antifreeze/coolent and Ke'anna put it in the car.

We had such a fun time. We get a long really well, like we've known each other for years! I can't wait till she moves here!