Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Naked Porn

Not quite what you were expecting after that title, huh? I'm a little late to the game on getting this palette. I decided on Monday that I just had to have it. Little did I know that this palette has been highly sought after for quite some time. It is sold out everywhere. Even Urban I called my nearby Sephora and was disappointed to hear that they too, didn't have any left. Resigned, I asked if I could be put on the waiting list. She went to the back to get it and came back saying there was ONE left that someone put on hold, but never came to get. I was like what! I locked that baby down over the phone and speed off to go get it. And voila, my very own Naked palette. I was so lucky to be able to get one the day I decided I wanted it. I hate waiting and I'd have been waiting forever!

I haven't used it yet, but it sure is beautiful. It comes with 12 full-sized shadows, a travel size of Primer Potion and a doubled ended eyeliner pencil. Uploading these pics to blogger has taken away some of the color impact, but when I swatch and review them, I'll upload them another way so you can see just how brilliant these shades are. Here's a little porn of the Urban Decay Naked Palette.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Perfect Nude Lip for Skin of Color

Dark eyes and Nude lips are always an amazing combination for Fall. With November finally upon us, you need to make sure you have your perfect shade of lippy. Danielle over at The Fashion Bomb totally aced this article. I couldn't have said it better myself. I know I have a lot of readers interested in finding their perfect nude shade and she breaks it down to a T!

After you find your perfect shade, stick around! I'll be posting tutorials this week featuring various skintones and getting that perfect smokey eye/nude lip combo down for whatever your skintone!

Greetings, Fashion Bombshells! Danielle here.

A nude lip color is the perfect companion for heavy eye makeup or just a simple all-around “I’m naturally this good looking” understated look. But “nude” is totally dependent on an individual’s skin tone and not everyone can wear a light creme beige as their nude. I’ve put together a quick guide to help you find your nude. Check it out.

Nude lip color tips:
1. Be sure your lips are properly exfoliated (rub a wet toothbrush over your lips) and moisturized (Chapstick will do, but for super-dry lips try Clinique All About Lips or Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Skin Protectant).
2. Add color somewhere on your face to avoid looking washed out. A natural makeup look with tones that mirror your skin tone is pretty, but add a bright blush or eye color to liven things up.

Bobbi Brown (abbreviated below as BB) is a great line to start with when looking for your perfect nude. Many of Bobbi’s looks are based on “natural” pretty makeup so many nudes across the color spectrum are included in the line.

Fair Skin: (think Nicole Kidman) BB Beige, MAC Lipstick in Creme D’ Nude
Medium Skin: (think Sarah Jessica Parker) BB Blush or Uber Beige, MAC Lipstick in Creme D’ Nude
Light Olive Skin: (think Kim Kardashian) BB Uber Beige, MAC Lipstick in Freckletone
Olive Skin: (think Padma Lakshmi) BB Brownie Pink or Brown, MAC Lipstick in Cherish, MAC Lipstick in Taupe

Tan/Golden Skin: (think Jennifer Lopez to Beyonce) BB Brownie or Beige, MAC Lipstick in Freckletone, MAC Lipstick in Fresh Brew, MAC Lisptick in Velvet Teddy, MAC Lipstick in Half N’ Half
Caramel Skin: (think Halle Berry to Queen Latifah) BB Golden Brown or Heather Mauve, MAC Lipstick in Fresh Brew, MAC Lipstick in Siss, MAC Lipstick in Stay in Touch, MAC Lipstick in Touch
Dark Skin: (think Nia Long to Gabrielle Union) BB Cocoa, MAC Lustreglass in Trance Plant, MAC Lipstick in Icon, MAC Lipstick in Shitaki, NARS Lipgloss in Hustler, MAC Lipstick in Coconutty
Deep Skin: (think Kelly Rowland to Alek Wek) BB Hot Cocoa or Chocolate, MAC Lipstick in Coconutty, MAC Lustreglass in Trance Plant

Don’t get caught up in the racial background or ethnicity of the celebs mentioned above. Use their skin tone as a guide. You could be Asian and still look great in the shade for Kim Kardashian or you could be East Indian and work the shade for Kelly Rowland)